Sunday, 4 August 2013


Ooooh.... secret.
It's not.
But the subject is.
That is, secretive.
I'm losing track of myself.
Are you?
Because snow leopards don't lose track of themselves, you know.
Oops. There I go again. Giving away secrets. Well, here's another one, considering that I'm on a roll already. Snow leopards are SUPER endangered (Emu, can you do a top 10 on them?). First of all, they live in the snow-laden Himalayas, hiding amongst rocky crags to the point that it's near impossible to find them. Unfortunately, it's not near impossible for them to find the tasty yaks the Himalayas are also laden with. That usually isn't a problem, except the yaks have owners, and the owners name them cute names like Biffles and Shaggy and when Biffles and Shaggy are eaten and with them their money they can get angry. Very angry. (OK, the name thing is a lie.) So they grab their gun or sword on Nunchuk and they go and kill the snow leopard, which is sad. That's a problem. And then there are the people who believe that eating snow leopards cures cancer and wearing them is very pretty and that visitors LOVE seeing dead animals on their walls. Supply has to meet demand, so poachers pick up a gun and go off and go bang, bang, bang. Bang.
And then there are stray dogs, spreading infectious diseases.... and mining.... and... do you really want to get any more depressed?
But here's a ray of hope: one of the aforesaid owners of Biffles and Shaggy decided that leopards are friends, not food, and set up some camera traps over a dead Biffles or Shaggy that had been killed by a leopard. And look at what he captured.....

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