Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Middlemist Camelia/ Middlemist Red: Rarest Flower in the World

Here we have it folks, the rarest flower in the world:
So, maybe my start to this post was a little random... and abrupt... and strange... but whatever!  I'm trying to tell you about the rarest flower in the whole world!
This flower has two names: Middlemist Red or Middlemist Camellia.  Since I prefer Middlemist Camelia, I'll be calling it that.  There are only two known examples of this flower: one in the UK and the other is in New Zealand.  Ok, flowers.  Blegh.  This is SOOO the Glasswing Butterfly's kind of topic.  Flowers, butterflies... gross.  But I've decided to do something different.  I've decided to talk about flowers.
The first of this  plant was collected in China by a man by the name of John Middlemist.  And therefore, he named the plant after himself.  John did so in the year, 1804.  He gave it to the Kew Gardens which is in Southwest London, England.  From there, it has vanished.  But in 1823, a descendant of this flower was found in the camellia collection of the sixth Duke of Devonshire.  This flower finally ended up in the Chiswick house of London, England.
Of the second flower in New Zealand, I know nothing about.  For that, you will have to find out yourself.

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