Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pawsome Scribbles: 4 (Inspiration)

Okay okay, I know that this is not a normal Pawsome Scribble.  And I know that most of you don't even know what this drawing is.  Well... it's an abstract lion.  A lot of people have asked me, "Where the heck did you get that idea?" To tell you the truth, I got this idea in the shower.  You know how the glass fogs up and you can use your finger to draw on it?  One day I rubbed my arm against the side of it and- wah-lah! I had a lion's face!  I'm serious, I did not make this up.
So if you guys have any inspiration to draw something, please please pleeeeaaaaaase send it to amazinganimalssociety@gmail.com.  PLEASE!  So far only mine have been posted (though I have to admit, they are pretty good).

The Blobfish

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