Monday, 10 June 2013

Collared Kingfisher: Lepidopteraphiles

I know...... I know........ a kingfisher isn't EXACTLY a butterfly. But I saw this one on a butterfly 'expedition' as my brother likes to call it, and I would like to do a post about it.
Here is the link to my PN photos:
I was sadly walking away from the place I had gone for my 'expedition' because I hadn't really seen anything. A collared kingfisher had shown itself, but really high up/far away, and I'd gotten a photo of it in flight, but quite frankly a terrible one (pic #4 here). Then I saw it perched quite low on a branch of a tree. As stealthily as a tiger I crept across the drain, eyes firmly pressed to the camera, finger click-clicking away, when it flew down to the ground. Click! Click! Click! Then it flew off- click!- and that is the story of the first photo. It danced around a little more- going here, going there, with the camera and I forever in tow before it flew off to unknown lands. But I had my photos, and I was happy. Please favorite on Noah!
And here are my photos: 

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