Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Other Side of the Fence, Part 1: Lepidoptera Philes

It was twilight, the hour of mystery, the time not here nor there. I was coming home, as one does, not really wanting to spend the night hungry and cold outside when I saw the other side of the fence.
What did you say? Hadn’t I seen it before?
Course I’d seen it before! As in “seen” it, a quick glance and then done. I hadn’t really noticed it. But now I did. The trees loomed above me in the darkness. Wait- what had moved? Some bird-of-paradise flowers lurked cheerfully at the edge, a bit like the Lotus Eaters. As in, luring you in, granting you pleasure, and then devouring you whole. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. What secrets hid in here? Rare butterflies? New birds? Something flew across my line of vision. What had that been? Perhaps something altogether never discovered before. I shivered pleasantly. Oh, mystery abounded there. It was already fixed in my mind that should I only go there, surprises would be rife. Doubt had been marched off to the dungeons with a life sentence and a thousand armed guards.
I went home already planning my next ‘expedition’.

I ignored the strange looks we were getting from construction workers as the Blobfish and I peered at a seedpod on the road. It was quite large and peppered with tiny seeds. I was contemplating how these seeds would be dispersed. The Blobfish only seemed to see the potential here for a maraca. I walked off, quite determinedly not looking at the Blobfish’s quite frankly childish efforts to make a rattle. The Blobfish ran up to me. “Oh, all right.”
Suddenly I stopped. We were here. The other side of the fence. Why was there no dramatic music playing?
The Blobfish, of course, paid no attention to the drama of the occasion and had run off after a Chocolate Pansy. A Chocolate Pansy! Really! Only one of the most common butterflies in existence. I walked on more sedately, occasionally pointing out some more common butterflies to the Blobfish. My camera hung limp around my neck. There was nothing interesting- yet.
Suddenly a cry alerted my senses. The Blobfish pointed to a tree next to me. She was on the other side of it. ‘Lizard,’ she mouthed.
The lizard in itself had noticed the Blobfish’s presence and had swiftly scurried around the side of the tree, away from this intruder to its peaceful sunbathing. Unfortunately for it, it scurried right to another intruder: me. I tried to remain as still as possible while my finger quickly depressed the shutter button but soon enough it noticed me and scurried back over- to the Blobfish. Almost like a game of catch, it went round and round the tree, surrounded by strange people that seemed determined on not letting him sunbathe. Finally, with a visible gasp of annoyance, the lizard scurried up the tree, into the crown of leaves, out of our sight. I looked at the Blobfish and shrugged. There would be other creatures. 

The Glasswing Butterfly



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