Sunday, 15 September 2013


Point blank, I'm terrified of snakes. Living in Singapore, it's a more valid fear to have, as they are everywhere, and I am terrified of finding one in an awkward location, like under my bed.
Which might explain why, today, after seeing one calmly sitting on a post I had dropped my bag and ran straight for the house. Easy explanation? No. You ignore my naturalist instinct, which right then was in a fierce fight with the 'run for your life' one. So you might be a little more surprised when I came sprinting back towards the snake with a camera around my neck. This snake was playing it cool, flicking its head back and forth, almost like it was bobbing to a song blasting through its headphones. Its slender green body curled around the stone post, and it was watched in eager and horrified fascination by a helper and a toddler, as well as my brother the Cheetah (who has yet to publish his long-suffering guest post). My brother was just waiting for someone to come and kill it. Me? I, despite my terrification (that should be a word) of snakes, I didn't want it to die. It had a kind of horrible beauty to it as it swayed in the wind.
To be fair, I have no idea what snake this is.
 I moved around for a better angle and it chose that moment to go away. Of course. No snake would like me. The security guard and I listened for tell-tale rustlings in the leaves and trees but there was nothing other than the wind- or was it?

The Glasswing Butterfly

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