Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Meet Holly

Yes, that's right. We have a new member of the Amazing Animals Family- Holly. Who is Holly, you ask? And what's her pseudonym?
Actually, Holly isn't a person. Nor is she a ghost of person or persons that have exceeded their time. Nor, in fact, is she is a product of my overly active imagination.
Holly is a killer whale. She hasn't been in jail for murder (yet), but though completely free and in the wild unlike other 'killer' killer whales like Tilikum which might be a good explanation for why she hasn't murdered (yet). And why, you ask, has Holly joined our gang? Because finally, finally, finally, half a year after it was over, the Safari Zoo Run money has been donated to various charities across the globe. You may well applaud. It has taken months of preparation just to figure out the distribution, months of 'I'll-do-it-tomorrow's, months of 'later-today-maybe's and months of plain laziness. But finally donated it has been. The distributions of donations is below, according to the results of the survey we sent out half-a-year ago that next to no one answered *hint hint*. The column on the right is the amount to go to that charity in SGD $.
WWF is the World Wildlife Fund, WDC is Whale and Dolphin Conservation (just stopped myself from writing 'conversation'), ASD is Action for Singapore Dogs, and NG is National Geographic, or, more specifically, its Big Cats Initiative. The ASD money is sitting on my desk as it has to be mailed, and WWF had a technical difficulty that will be resolved as soon as possible.
To whom should we donate next? Comment and tell us!
Holly and kids
The Glasswing Butterfly
Charity   # of votes    Money

WWF 4      201.13
WDC 2 100.57
ASD 2 100.57
NG 1 50.21 

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