Thursday, 5 December 2013

Surfing With Friends

What's small, black and white, and enjoys surfing with friends? No, not a baby zebra on a surfboard. (Please ignore the picture. It's a mistake. The answer is not a dolphin.) Unfortunately. Can zebras even surf? Are there even zebras living by the sea? Hmmmm... There should be, even if there aren't.
But anyways, let's leave such essential questions of the universe for later. The answer to the riddle wasn't penguins, either, in case you were wondering. Though they fill the requirements a bit more thoroughly than baby zebras. The asnwer is the most endangered dolphin in the world: the Maui's dolphin. (Fooled you, didn't I?) There are fifty five of them left hanging around New Zealand's West Coast, and the number steadily decreasing due to the use of nylon fishing nets, which entangle them, strangle them, and eventually kill them as they sturggle, every movement just entrapping them further...
Cheerful, right?
Many researchers predict an unhappy future as well. It's likely they'll go extinct in 20 years unless we use one of the most cliched lines of all time: unless we do something about it. The New Zealand government has proposed plans for a ban on these fishing nets within a 450 km range, but conservationists have lashed back violently, saying that these plans merit a death sentence for the dolphins, as they don't cover enough of their range. They want a bigger area covered to guarantee full protection.
What do you think? Should people be satisfied with the government's plan and see that as a starting point for more? Or should one, big, plan be passed guaranteeing absolute safety for these undoubtedly cute critters? (Sorry, Blobfish!)

The Glasswing Butterfly

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