Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Look Ahead

Well, the new year has come around again! What a surprise! It's not like it happens every single year... And with the new year comes a fresh start, and all that rubbish. And resolutions. Lots of them. Which are usually never kept.
Which is the reason I'm going to make a couple of resolutions now, and hope to keep them, at least for a while. Let's say a month. A month sounds good. And I'm also going to give you a quick rundown on how the year ahead looks for this blog, and the Amazing Animals Society as a whole.
One of our Instagram uploads.
  1. The Safari Zoo Run is going to happen again, and I'm going to again demand money from people at form-point. Or wallet-point. Or perhaps pencil-point. (It's illegal to own a gun here, and I'm not such a huge knife person. They scare me.) Hopefully we'll raise more than last year's record total of $500+ and help more animals than ever! This is what we did last year. (Also, when I get information on Holly's doings, I will update you on that!)
  2. The Glasswing Butterfly (aka, me) is going to be helping raise awareness of MacRitchie Reservoir's impending destruction, so expect more posts on that theme. I'll also probably have a few other projects going on related to that, so keep an eye (or two, or three, or as many as you have... while you're at it, you can lend me your heart as well) out for that. 
  3. We've been posting rather... hmm... how do I say this nicely... erratically, this past month. Which I can justify for the Emu and Blobfish, but not for me, because I've had full internet access... heh heh. (Cue running away and hiding under a rock) But. But. (And this is the really big but.) I am going to start posting regularly. Every Wednesday, in fact, to spice up the boring middle of the week. So, come Wednesday, either expect a post on my wildlife outings (Wildlife Wednesday, geddit?) or a feature/exposé on a weird, and often ugly, species. I'll post at other points in the week too, if I get around to it. Which is unlikely.
  4. At other times that are not Wednesday and you're absolutely DYING to know what I've been doing wildlife-wise, check out my Project Noah account. The Blobfish has one too, and actually, so does the Amazing Animals Society, but that's not updated as regularly. Not updated at all, if you want to be honest. If you've forgotten, or have never known, what Project Noah is, check out this post.
  5. Speaking of social media (well, I wasn't really, but pretend I was), we have an Instagram account! Check that out here.
  6. Any more absolutely amazing animal stuff you want to see on the blog? (Ex., more facts from the Emu, more top ten stuff from the Blobfish, more updates from me? Maybe regular updates on what's going on in the conservation world? International animals?) Comment below, and tell us what you think. We love to hear your feedback!
The totally amazing Glasswing Butterfly

P.S. I never thanked Topaz Winters for the amazing banner she made for our blog, above. 

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