Thursday, 30 January 2014

Save MacRitchie

So, I am keeping two resolutions with this post. (It isn't late. IT ISN'T LATE.) One, to tell you more about MacRitchie, and two, to post every Wednesday.
I recently started a blog on Wordpress called Save MacRitchie. Which is a ridiculously uncreative name, but consider it a work in progress. Consider the layout in progress too, for that matter. It's a photo blog documenting MacRitchie reservoir's amazing bio-diversity. So far, two posts are up, and the reaction has surprised me, compared to what I was expecting (i.e. nothing). So... I guess what I'm telling you to do is follow it, and associated stuff?
I hate it when people do that.
But MacRitchie really is an amazing place and I felt like it needed a devoted blog to it. And I will be notifying you of developments there and should I see something absolutely amazing on a walk I will post here as well. But. For a closer look, follow that blog. It's like follow-the-leader, really... you know, I post something there, and then I follow myself and post something here-- fine, there's no association. Except the word follow.
Anyways. Enough rambling. What kind of posts do you want to see on Save MacRitchie? Or on my weekly Wednesday posts? (IT ISN'T THURSDAY. DO NOT TELL ME IT IS THURSDAY. PRETEND I AM LIVING A DAY IN THE PAST.) Comment below and tell me! Don't forget, if you have something you want to share, please send your post to More information is in the sidebar. Pawsome Scribbles, Lepidopteraphiles, Life in a..., Top Nine-ish Lists, are all welcome.
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