Saturday, 25 May 2013

Blogging Challenge Day 5: The Return of the Cliche

Hopefully in this post I'll depart from the deprecatory tone of last few, since I'm dealing with an animal that went extinct millions of years ago, and no one exactly knows why. So I can't moan about how it was our fault that they all died and there's no recovering them now, etc. etc. etc. Etc. These 'tyrant lizards' are so cliched that I don't think any explanation of their hugely over-sized heads, small forelegs, and vicious natures are needed. But what you didn't know is that some are are gracile and and some are robust. This difference was noticed in their skeletons, originally it was thought to be sexual dimorphism but then it was noticed that one skeleton with very very very disintegrated flesh (but still flesh, with protein cells!) was found to be a female and wasn't really that different. So even that was refuted. I have nothing new to say about the T-Rex. Everything has been said so many times, even the stuff said against T-Rexes is cliched. So I can't say anything that'll make you cry, shout, or post angry/nice comments. Unfortunately. I like watching people blow up (figuratively). So T-Rexes are extinct. But no one knows why. Maybe it was a meteroid, an Ice Age, or a combination of both.
Maybe it was my amazingly awesome dog. (He has secret powers...)

The Glasswing Butterfly

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