Monday, 27 May 2013

Blogging Challenge Day 7: Rediscovery?

I'm going to end with not a species, but cloning.
No, it's not a Jurassic Park fantasy. And it has been done. Scientists recently cloned an extinct frog, but while none of the embryos actually survived, they were created, so it is possible. Another extinct animal- the bucardo, a mountain goat- was also cloned, and survived longer: ten minutes after the surrogate mother gave birth to it, it died from a lump in its body. But some are skeptical of its moral and ethical implications. Are we 'playing God' too much? I dunno. Personally, I think cloning species that WE have destroyed is a great idea. I'm not in favor of cloning dinos though. But the thing is, if we clone species, where will they go? Most of their habitat has been destroyed. They would just be zoological oddities- forever. Or would they? Scientists are also currently trying to resurrect the wooly mammoth, which would graze over the Siberian tundra and return this barren isolated place to its former ecological glory. We might find new medicines from old plants. There are advantages, but what about the moral and ethical consequences?
Wow, this is deep. What do you think? Please comment, especially if you want me to do another challenge!

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