Thursday, 16 May 2013


Only recently did I find out that Wolverines aren't just superheroes.  And if you didn't know, well then- they aren't.  Wolverines are on the Endangered Species List as there are very few left (the exact number is unknown).  So, why should we care?  Why should we care about vicious animals that can kill creatures three times their size?  Because, they are OUR problem.  It's humans who've made this mess.  I know this makes no sense, so let me talk you through it.  Why are they endangered?  Because there aren't many of them.  Why aren't there many?  Because many were killed.  Why were they killed?  Because humans want their fur, that's why!  So it doesn't really matter whether or not they scare you, it is our job to preserve their lives.  Besides, no human has ever actually been killed by a wolverine.

Here's a problem: how are YOU supposed to help?  Well, you can help out by spreading awareness and telling your friends not to by wolverine fur, or any animal fur at all.

The Blobfish

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