Monday, 20 May 2013

Extinct Animal Blogging Challenge

Because I am to up to the challenge.
No matter what you say, Blobfish, I believe- at least hope- that our very small band of readers CAN read a blog post everyday for a week.
Now, just the subject of this belief I will need to explain.
So, for a week, I will write a blog post everyday on an extinct animal, to pay homage to all the animals that have died out within human history and beyond, so that we can remember how much we have to save. If I get five comments, from at least two different people, on these posts, I'll do it for another week. If you want. I don't HAVE to do it for two weeks. Only if you- you, dear reader, you one or two people who continue to persevere with our blundering efforts to depict the amazingness of the animal kingdom (mostly in glasswing butterflies).
All you have to do is read.
And I BELIEVE you can.
(Unlike one cute little deep ocean slimy creature that I could name)
Glasswing butterflies... FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  2. Oh, I'm so scared. I see that our biased little butterfly is afraid of our slimy and awesome sea creature over here. I believe in many things. I just don't think that our readers would like to be forced to read a post every single day.


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