Friday, 31 May 2013

Lepidopteraphiles: Relationship Advice

'Relationship advice' is a general term. If you came here for the best ways to break up with your boyfriend, firstly, I don't really care about your personal life, and secondly, you're not a butterfly. A Common Mormon, to be precise.

Here is the extent of my relationship advice:
If you're a male Common Mormon then basically my only suggestion is to flap your wings at the female you have a crush on. Seriously, it should work. At least, that's what everyone else does, right? Go with the flow. (Actually, the Blobfish and I are both strong advocates of breaking out of the flow, diverting its course, and if still people think they want to be the same as each other, hitting them over the head.) Well, whether you go with the flow at once, you're probably going to end up desperately trying to stay in the same place in mid-air next to a female that is sunning herself/preparing for mating on a leaf. It's a huge contrast. Male: Frantic flapping. Female: Total relaxation. The Blobfish and I saw this behavior exhibited this weekend at Bukit Brown (whole 'nother story). Followed are some pictures, with their Project Noah links (please create an account and favorite!)
Here is the link to the photos since STUPID BLOGGER won't let me UPLOAD the pics! *shakes fist angrily* *regrets hyperventilating*


  1. Check this picture out too: Thanks! (As usual, females are the dominate gender.)

    The Blobfish

  2. Oh, Blobfish. What self-publicizing. For me it didn't count because I was trying to show them. And females aren't the dominant gender. They're just the ones that sit about on a leaf. Dominance is a totally different thing.


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