Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Project Noah

     One of the links that everyone in this world should know about is  Even though all SAS students get an account when they go into 7th grade, you should still check it out.  On Project Noah, you post pictures of different animals and bugs that you have spotted.  Then people can help you find out the species, favorite your pics, and do tons of other cool stuff.  It's like an animal Instagram, just better.  Here are some of the pics that the Glasswing Butterfly and I have taken:

Painted Jezebel (The Blobfish):

Mating Dragonflies (The Blobfish):

Common Lime Butterfly (The Glasswing Butterfly):

Juvenile Yello- Vented Bulbul (Glasswing Butterfly):

So if you want to experience all of these animals and open your eyes to a whole new world, then feel free to join Project Noah (I suggest taking pictures of UGLY animals- that ought to attract some people's attention).  By the way- my projectnoah account is: turqouisekillerwhale. Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures.  Go uglies!
The Blobfish

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