Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Cutest Animals

I regularly, in school, see people going gaga over a kitten picture or gif or almost moaning with delight over a baby penguin. Therefore, this post is devoted to the cuties. The usual suspects, almost dominating the genre of cute animals, are kittens.
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knows he's cute — Fotopedia
Personally, I have never been very comfortable around cats. There is one that hangs around our house, belonging to someone else, regularly hiding under cars, and hissing if you get too near. I haven't had any traumatizing experiences with cat claws or anything but have read about enough and therefore have always been quite wary of them.
Animal, Baby, Cute, Farm, Field, Grass, Green, Infant
Dogs, on the other hand. Dogs I love. I have one myself, a total mongrel from a shelter, who is absolutely adorable but usually his cuteness is only visible to my family. There are plenty of cute dogs hanging around too.
File:Panda Cub from Wolong, Sichuan, China.JPG
Usually, it's the babies. Once they grow up, they grow broody, ugly, unlovable. That is a definite flaw in our perception of things. However, today I will honor the babies, or other cute animals, with a short quiz.

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