Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Glasswing Butterfly

Now that the Blobfish has gone and deleted my previous post on Glasswing Butterflies (boo to Blobfishes!) I shall have to reorganize my argument all over again. Anyway, the Blobfish was probably just jealous of how amazing the Glasswing Butterfly is. And here are the arguments for it:
The Glasswing Butterfly only inhabits areas in Panama. It's barely visible, the ultimate camouflage by Mother Nature. Invisible. I hope I can see one of them one day. By now, I'll expect you will have searched it up on Google, and seen them on the internet. At least, I hope you have.
You better have, because I am NOT going on a wild goose chase through Creative Commons to find a picture of a Glasswing Butterfly.
Anyway, back to arguing with a pixellated screen.
They are totally amazing. Yes, delicate, yes, pretty, yes, cliched, but still pretty amazing. They are a daily reminder for me of the wonders Nature can achieve and thus our responsibility to protect those wonders.

The Glasswing Butterfly

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