Saturday, 25 May 2013

Please Don't Crush Me

     Okay, okay, I now.  I've been pretty lazy lately.  I haven't written a lot of posts.  But give me some credit!  The Glasswing Butterfly is OBSESSED with writing posts.  I wanted to tell you about something very simple.  Something very boring.  Something very common.  Ants.  There are one million ants for every human in the world. These creatures also never sleep and do not have lungs.  Imagine that!  No sleep.  My God, I would die!  How can these ants survive?
     So imagine being a worker ant.  Your mother is the queen of the colony.  (Usually, the queen is the mother of ALL of the ants in the colony).  Everyday you march out your anthill, gather food, dodge human swatting and stomping (most of them don't survive), come back home, and share it with everyone else.  Now that is what I call a tough life.  I'm telling you folks right now.  I am here, and I am giving the ants a voice.

     I can't deny that ants are pretty annoying.  And no, they aren't anywhere NEAR extinction.  But guess how animals actually become extinct.  We crush them.  We take their homes, we eat their meat, we even take their FUR.  And after a little while of this, poof!  There goes another species.
     So maybe this blog post isn't just about ants.  In truth, I'm just trying to get out to all of you people out there that don't just protect nearly extinct animals, protect the survivors.  Now, don't turn all of your focus onto the existing species, but take into care the fact that someday they may not be there.

The Blobfish.

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