Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Blobfish

     Ok guys.  One of the things that you all are probably going to notice that we keep ending our posts with things like 'The Glasswing Butterfly' or 'The Blobfish' etc. These are the society's members' titles.  What I'm trying to  share with you is my title 'The Blobfish.' The first thing you should be doing right now is googling it. Google 'blobfish.' But since I know that the entire human race is EXTREMELY lazy, I'll do it for you, like the good blobfish I am.  Here's what a blobfish looks like:

     Now, why did I choose the Blobfish?  Not only do they have an awesome poker face and are super chubby, but... yes you guessed it (just kidding, humans aren't that smart) they are ugly!  Yes, they are ugly!  I want an ugly animal, because I want everyone to stop focusing on just the pretty animals.  Come on, what's so great about a fragile butterfly when a blobfish can make millions of girls puke (and a handful of boys too).  And did you guys ever think that maybe blobfish think that HUMANS are the ugly ones!  It's possible.
     So, I'm posting this to tell all of you guys out there that you should support ugly and creepy animals as much as pretty animals.

The Blobfish


  1. K, Why did you post a picture of yourself? Its a good picture, one of your best.


  2. Ugh, Nupur... and I thought we were friends.... Grr....

    The AWESOME Blobfish

    ...Grr... Nupur- you make me so mad....


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